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Beauty Classic $22 +

A traditional manicure complex with nail trimming/reshaping, cuticle care, massage, polish.

Ready Me Touch $27 +

Short on time but still want to be pampered? Simplicity is for you, begins with nail trimming/reshaping, scented sugar scrub exfoliation, massage, warm towel, and polish.

Hydrate da Palm $32 +

Beautiful hands begin with this luxurious manicure created especially for dry, sun-exposed skin. Select an aroma of choice (Mango/Rose/Lavender), Nail trimming/reshaping, cuticle care, organic scrub. Exfoliation for a radiant complexion, a message with organic lotion, a choice of a moisturizing mask wrap or hydrating paraffin dip. This treatment not only deeply nourishes the skin but also combats fatigue and stimulates circulation, finished with a warm towel and polish color of choice.

Colure Signature $37 +

Soothe and heal the mind, body, and soul with our colure spa manicure. Select an aroma of choice (Rose/Lavender/Milk and Honey), Begin with nail trimming/reshaping, organic aroma lotion to replenish the loss of moisture, a choice of moisturizing mask wrap, or hydrating paraffin dip. Paraffin therapy soothes arthritis and muscle spasms rejuvenate skin through increased circulation and shea butter moisturization. Completing with warm towel and gloss nails to perfection.

Includes 5 minutes of massage

+ Add Gel Polish $15 
With Clear Top $30 +
Dipping Powder $48 +


Classic Colure $38 +

A basic treatment to rehydrate and relax your feet and toes. Begins with an aromatic foot bath, nail trimming/reshaping, cuticle care, callus remover, skin exfoliation, massage, warm towel, and polish.

Mint-to-Be $43 +

Take a deep breath and enjoy an aromatic foot bath, nail trimming/reshaping, cuticle care, callus treatment, citrus sugar scrub skin exfoliation, mask wrap, massage, warm towel, and gloss nail to perfection.

Fruit-tea-tutti (Hydrating) $53 +

Revive your feet with an organic aroma at choice (Mango/Rose/Lavender and Seasonal). Aloe-Vera contains antioxidant and healing properties that promote anti-aging skin. While rose and lavender relax and distress your mind and body, gently soften the skin, and restore the skin's natural moisture balance for much-needed hydration. The process begins with an aromatic foot bath, nail trimming/reshaping, cuticle care, deep callus treatment, organic scrub skin exfoliation, mask wrap, followed by a massage, warm towel, and polish.

Includes additional 15 minutes of massage.

Lovely Dovie (De-Stress) $63 +

The ultimate solution for replenishing your energy, the soothing anti-stress aromatherapy spa treatment is designed to relieve tension and everyday stresses for overworked feet. Starts with an aromatherapy foot bath using the aroma of choice of essential oil and minerals scent (Lavender/Rose or Seasonal) to ease tired, achy feet and muscles, followed by nail trimming/reshaping, cuticle care, deep callus treatment. Next, revive with organic herbal scrub exfoliation and rejuvenate with an antioxidant herbal Lavender/Rose mask wrap. Includes an invigorating massage with organic shea butter and essential oil which aids in reducing stress, soothing your body, and refresh your mind.

Includes an additional 20 minutes of massage, warm neck wrap, and paraffin dip.

Forget Me Not (Hot Stone) $73 +

Indulge yourself in our most luxurious spa experience. Hydrate and soften your feet in an exotic Coconut Milk foot bath full of vitamins, followed by nail trimming/reshaping, cuticle care, deep callus treatment, organic honey sugar scrub exfoliation to provide heather, more beautiful-looking complexion, and refresh with Organic Milk and Honey scent purifying mask wrap. Finally, hot stone combined with organic milk and honey hydrating massage creme and oil. Gently massage pressure points along feet and lower legs, stimulate circulation easing stress and tension in the entire body. This experience increases detoxification promotes deep relaxation and helps balance your body's energy.

Includes an additional 25 minutes of a massage, a warm herbal neck wrap. and paraffin dip.

+ Add Gel Polish $15 +
Volcano Spa Pedicure $58 


Mani $15 
Pedi $28 
Polish Hand $7 
Polish Toes $8 
​Polish Gel $20 


Gel Liquid Fullset $50 +
Gel Liquid Fill-in $40 +
Acrylic Fullset $40 +
Acrylic Fill-in $30 +
Solar Fullset $45 +
Solar Fill-in $35 +
Gel Powder Fullset $45 +
Gel Powder Fill-in $35 +
Ombré Fullset $70 +
Ombré Fill-in $45 +
Clear Powder Fullset $50 +
Clear Powder Fill-in $40 +
+ Add Gel Polish $15 +


Eyebrows $12 +
Lip $8 +
Chin $12 +
Underarm $20 +
Bikini $30 +



Our promise.


We specialize in nails, pedicures, and waxing. For the safety of our clients, not only are all of our tools sterilized to the highest standard, but our pedicure spa also comes with disposable liners. Pedicure seats, customer chairs, working stations, drying stations are being disinfected daily as well as disposable files, buffers, and toenail separators.



Gel Hand $30 +
Gel Toes $30 +
Regular Polish $15 +
Regular Toes $15 +